Bugaboo Pest Control
Trustworthy, Honest, and Dependable

An Established Company

Established in 1984, Bugaboo Pest Control is a family-owned, full-service pest control company serving the greater Portland, Oregon Metro area and

Southwest Washington. We pride ourselves on quality service, integrity in our business dealings, and respect for our natural environment.

Local and Family owned

Bugaboo Pest Control is a local, family-owned business, not a national franchise. Our reputation is on the line every time we do a job, and we’re proud to have maintained our good name through the course of three decades. In a very real way, we’ve grown up with our customers, and it’s just become natural for us to treat all our customers like family.

That’s why when we come to your home or business to provide pest control services, you can rest assured that we’ll treat you like family too. That means providing the highest quality service, using the safest available products, and paying close attention to details.

Guaranteed Performance

Another way that we put integrity into practice is by standing behind our service. We happily re-treat specific problems at no additional charge during any guarantee period.

A seasonal pest control plan from Bugaboo Pest Control can help prevent annoying, destructive, even dangerous pests. Contact us for information about our specialty treatment services.

We tailor regular service agreements to suit your individual needs. Call today for your free written proposal!

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Bugaboo Pest Control helps prevent destructive, even dangerous pests off of the Columbia River


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